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I've sold cars & real estate, harvested vegetables, owned a service station and a men's wear store. I'm a boiler-maker-welder by trade and I've built and raced speedway cars . . . . but none of that comes close to the excitement and challenge of nurturing the perfect oyster in the bone-snapping cold, wet and wild waters of Tasmania.


I've been patiently developing a unique farming technique; I've failed more often than I care to remember and after some 30 odd years of blood, sweat and tears, I've finally nailed it.

The hard-fought knowledge and meticulous craftsmanship invested, and the precious, exclusive provenance of these oysters is the culmination of my life's work.

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I've been handing this over to the next generation - my son Josh, nephew Jarrad and our other farm managers are now the custodians of my long held and tightly guarded secrets.

What we've done is develop oysters of unrivaled elegance; a silky-smooth texture and complex richness that I've never experienced in oysters anywhere else in the world.

this is my reserve.

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