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Pipeclay Lagoon Hatchery


The Tasmanian Oyster Co. hatchery,

Trading as Shellfish Culture Ltd., was founded as a co-operative in 1979 by the early pioneers of the Tasmanian pacific oyster industry.

In the 40 plus year history, the company has matured into a confident unlisted public company, with shareholders comprising of a mix of aquaculture producers and private investors.

Our professional hatchery staff are all highly trained and multi-skilled technicians who are dedicated to producing the highest quality shellfish seed in the world.

Products & Sales

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Spawnless (triploid) Crassostrea Gigas
Our spawnless batches are consistently returning results of 100% triploidy. The benefits to our customers of having stock that doesn't spawn are huge. Our quality spawnless lines are in high demand.
Thoroughbred (ASI) (diploid) Crassostrea Gigas
Our premium line, produced from broodstock selected from the Australian Seafood Industries (ASI) genetic breeding program, is now in its tenth year. The production of uniformly shaped oysters with even growth is proving very beneficial to the industry.
Our standard sale size stock is graded off a 5,000 screen. This screen produces an oyster of 7-10mm, just perfect for 3mm Seapa tubes or seed trays. We welcome enquiries for supply of 8,000 screen (10-15mm) and 10,000 screen (15-20mm) spat.
Enquiries | Pipeclay Lagoon Head Office

Local: (03) 6248 9441

International: +61 3 6248 9441


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Management Team

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Senior Manager Breeding & R&D
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Hatchery Manager
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